Top Reasons for adding a Retractable Screen to your home

Who doesn’t enjoy being outside in the sunshine? And who doesn’t allow enjoying the comforts of being inside at the same time? With a retractable screen installed on a patio or large doorway or garage within your home, you can have all the amenities of both indoor and outdoor living. Here are some of the top reasons for adding a retractable screen by Invisible Screens Canada to your home this summer.

The existence of bugs is one of the top reasons for adding screens to any living space. Bugs of any kind can be annoying. Especially when you are trying to relax and enjoy the light breeze and a bit of sunshine. With the addition of retractable screens, bugs can stay outside, while you continue to enjoy that breeze and sunshine within an enclosed area.  No more bug bites or buzzing in your ear to ruin an afternoon nap! Another reason for simple screens can be that any screen door can be loud and clunky when being opened and closed time and time again.

That unsightly storm door can also detract for the beauty of a set of french doors or an elegant doors on the main entrance of a home. The screens don’t have to attract attention like a storm door will, either by sight or sound. Installing screens that retract into a small recess in the door frame allows a home owner to enjoy the beauty of those elegant doors, but also the accessibility to a breeze in the summer months without all the noise of creaking springs and crashing metal.

Create a new living space with the addition of retractable screens to any outdoor patio, Gazebo, or porch . This newly created space can add to the attraction and resale value of any home with a potential buyer. This space also offers more versatility with entertaining and other recreational activities.

Retractable screens not only keep the outside annoyances out, but allows the beauty of the outside in, without inviting those critters in. They are designed for an elegant and streamline look to fit any home need, while being virtually invisible by any guest when stowed.

Make retractable screens a part of your outdoor and indoor living space!
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