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Retractable Screens for Sliding Patio Doors

INVISA is the leader in manufacturing retractable screens for all types of doors. Our screens are ideal for entry doors, sliding patio doors, French doors and oversized doors.

When you’re looking for an affordable way to have the most sunlight come into your home, you want to consider the benefits of a sliding patio door. These doors are wide enough and they can be installed to offer the perfect fit. Our specialty screens for sliding patio doors are made in such a way that it blends in with the design and color of your door.

If you’re considering our INVISA retractable screens for your sliding patio doors, you won’t have to worry about compromising on the final look of your door. When the screen is not in use, it can be moved into the housing where it virtually vanishes. You’ll be able to have a clear view of your patio or backyard, as the screen is completely tucked away.

Patio doors are great, but their wide-opening runs the risk of inviting in insects and other creatures. However, with a properly fitted screen on your sliding patio doors, you will be able to prevent even the smallest bugs from entering the home.

Our retractable screen doors are made from a durable reinforced fibreglass mesh that stays strong for many years. We carry a number of different mesh options for different purposes, whether you prefer privacy over sun ray protection or something that is pet-friendly. For example, if you have pets in the home, you want to have a claw-proof screen for your sliding screen door, to prevent damage.


In the summer months, your sliding patio door will see a lot of traffic, especially when you have guests over at the home. You want to ensure that you don’t have any flimsy screens and frames that are poorly fitted. With our retractable screen doors for your sliding patio doors, you will be able to conveniently open and close the door without having to worry about the screen.

In the winter months when the sliding patio door is not used as often, you can roll the screen back into its housing. Once in its subtle housing, it will become completely invisible. Guests who come over to your home won’t even know you have a screen as the housing blends perfectly with the frame on your sliding patio door. When not in use, keep the screen in its housing to prevent any damage.

Great Colors and Mesh Options to Choose From

When selecting the perfect screen for your sliding patio doors or porch doors, you’ll want to consider our many colors and frame options. We offer a range of sleek and modern designs that will provide an unobtrusive look to your porch or patio. Custom colors and a variety of mesh options are available for your custom fitted screens.

One of the main reasons why our system is quickly gaining popularity is because of its simplicity, ease of use, functionality and sleek design. Unlike other traditional screens and screen systems, our solution is far more innovative and less obtrusive. Our screen products are extremely subtle in terms of looks and they can easily become invisible when they are not in use.

Our Canadian-made retractable screen door products are available for many types of doors. For more information on our selection of retractable screens for sliding patio doors, please give us a call at 1-866-889-4659. Our team is always ready to help and offer you affordable solutions.


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