Centor S1 Screen



Authorized Distributors of High Quality Centor S1 Screen

INVISA is a rapidly growing Ontario provider of functional retractable screens and Centor screens. Unlike other retractable screens, our screens are essentially invisible while still protecting your home from sunlight, insects and dust. Our Centor screens are functional, seamless and elegant, while providing your home the upscale look it deserves.

Traditional retractable screen doors are not visually appealing and you can easily distinguish between the indoors and outdoors. With Centor screens, you’ll never be able to tell there is a barrier between you and the exterior world. INVISA brings you the best in design, integration and sustainability with our collection of Centor screens.

Our retractable screen doors are designed and built in such a way that they disappear in the doorjamb when they are not in use. The screens are built with frame panels that are narrow and with door hinges that hide away.

When you are not using the screens, they can be moved off to the side and into their housing, where they remain invisible. Whether you’re looking for an invisible screen for a large or small opening, our team can have one custom made and installed for you.

A Simple Design and Full Protection for You and Your Home

Every single one of our Centor screens are designed and built to the last detail, offering both a seamless integration and elegant look. Our retractable screens will never compromise or change the look of your home, as they vanish when not in use. Additionally, these screens are virtually invisible; you won’t even know they’re there!

In order to perfectly blend in with the doorframe, the screens have a wood-edging to make it look as if it’s just the doorframe. Your guests won’t even be able to tell you have a screen up, as everything goes together perfectly as one whole fitting.

Centor screens provide maximum protection against the sun’s powerful UV rays, which can not only cause sun burns, but cause the color of your furniture to fade. With our retractable screens, you’ll have the perfect invisible solution to keeping insects, dust and the sunlight out.

The screen deflects all sunlight, keeping the rays out, as well as keeping your home cooler. By preventing heat from seeping in through the screen mesh, you can save money on cooling your home with an air conditioner. It works the same way in the winter, by trapping the warm air in the home, reducing your need to turn up the heaters.

As you can see, Centor screens are not only functional screen door systems, but an economical one with long term benefits. Our retractable screen doors and Centor screens are built to last for many years, as they’re always built with the most durable material.

Centor screens all come with fingertip operation capabilities for quick and easy controls. With a touch of a button, you can have your screen tucked away to the side where it virtually vanishes.

INVISA truly offers one of the best screen door systems on the market. Known for their innovative features, design and functionality, they continue to provide homeowners with an affordable screen door solution.

When considering our collection of screens, make sure to ask us about the many options we have in store for you. We carry a number of screen door options for the following types of doors,

  • Single Doors
  • Folding Doors
  • Double-Swing Doors
  • Two-panel Sliding Doors
  • Three-panel Sliding Doors

For a unique and custom look and feel for your home, you can also choose from a variety of shades and screens for your retractable screens. Every retractable screen has a stylish finish on both the interior and exterior, offering an integrated look for your home.

As an authorized distributor of Centor screens, we’re confident we can offer you the best screen system for the best value! If you’d like more information on our Centor screens and available options, please feel free to call us today at 905-884-9004 to speak to one of our sales representatives.