About INVISA Screen

INVISA Screen is Ontario’s premier provider of retractable screens. Our screens are proudly produced in our Concord, Ontario factory. We are committed to ensuring consistent professional workmanship that is functional, easy to use, and attractive. With an INVISA retractable screen, you’ll get the dual advantage of something that is both practical and that you can be proud to display on your home.

Our INVISA retractable screens stand apart from the competition due to their quality craftsmanship and near limitless customization. You can choose colours, designs and features to fit your home, and can apply the screens to a wide variety of door and window types. At the same time, our screens fit into your budget and can be installed quickly by one of our expert technicians.

The best thing about INVISA screens are their retractable function. When your door is open, your INVISA screen is there to stop bugs, dust, or other unwanted entrants to your home. When you don’t need the screen, however, you can collapse it into its casing at the side of the door frame. Because it’s retractable, your INVISA screen will last longer and won’t make for an unsightly addition to your doorways. Once in its protective casing, the retractable screen is protected from the elements, helping to dramatically increase its lifespan compared to other screen doors!

You can apply our retractable screens to a variety of doorways. We can install INVISA screens on your in-swing and out-swing doors, double-French doors, oversized doorways, and sliding patio doors. You can also apply INVISA screen to many different types of window, including single or double hung, awnings, casement, sliding or tilt & turn windows.

At INVISA Screen, we take pride in making sure that your retractable screen is customized for your home’s entry way and installed properly. Our certified, professional installers will ensure that you retractable screen is installed perfectly. Within one to two hours, you’ll have a new customized screen that you can be proud of!

Call us today at 1-866-889-4659 to learn more about INVISA retractable screens and to book your appointment! Find out how we can bring our sleek, attractive, and highly functional screens to your home. We’ll customize the screen to whatever opening you need, find the colour and model that’s right for your home, and make sure that you get the best retractable screen for you! We’re sure to make you happy with your new screen, so give us a call or contact us online to bring one of our technicians to your home for a consultation!