The ease of retractable screens

Like other screened doors, the retractable screen serves as a barrier between the interior of your home and the outdoors. They keep the dust and insects outside, while allowing in fresh air and natural light.

INVISA Screen, however, is far from your average screen door. The screen’s mesh is virtually invisible, removing the visible separation between you and the outdoors. At the same time, it provides protection against the sun’s rays, protecting your furniture from fading and your skin from burning.

Best of all, when the screen isn’t needed, it can be discreetly and easily retracted into its housing compartment for a vibrant view. Storing it in the housing compartment will also protect and extend the life of your screen.

Retractable screen doors are made with a reinforced fibreglass mesh and come in 6 other powder coated colours, and several woodgrain options. We also offer over 30 custom colours to match any exterior/Interior decor finish.

The robust and enduring mesh makes for one of the most long lasting screens on the market. Other features offered by INVISA Screen are the scratch-resistant pet screen, the “no-see-um” for keeping out even the tiniest bugs including gnats and fleas, as well as two variations of solar protection.

Ontario made products

INVISA Screen is Ontario’s leading manufacturer of retractable door screen systems. With quality performance in a range of designs and styles, INVISA Screen retractable screen doors are guaranteed to last. Produced in our Concord, Ontario factory, INVISA Screen’s technology is designed to work on all door models, from sliding patio doors to French doors, entry doors and the European-styled tilt-turn doors. INVISA Screen offers professional workmanship to ensure functionality and ease.

Our retractable screen doors are safe

One of the most valued features of the INVISA Screen, a feature that ranks these screens among the best in the retractable screen door market, is its speed reducing technology. The no-slam feature offers you peace of mind when it comes to protecting your young children and pets. This feature ensures that your retractable screen door will not slam shut; preventing harm to little hands and paws. This is just one element that adds elegance and smooth function to these retractable screen doors.

The value of INVISA Screen’s retractable screen doors can’t be denied. Our screens are easy to use, tastefully designed, have lifelong durability and bonus safety features. Easy to install, with many great features, our retractable screen doors will fit with any door in any part of your home.

Upgrade your patio doors

INVISA Screen allows the outside in by providing retractable screen doors for your porch or patio entrances. In this high-traffic entrance, you don’t have to struggle with flimsy frames or allow for obstructed views with heavy storm doors and squeaky hardware. These retractable screens doors will allow for wide open views while also blocking debris from entering your home. When you don’t need the screen, it can be easily rolled back into the housing. This feature is especially useful during the off season when you may not use the patio doors as often. Keeping the retractable screen door in its housing will prevent any damage to the screen caused by the elements.

In choosing the retractable screen door that best suits your porch or patio doors, INVISA Screen offers more than the old styled metal frames. These products are designed to be sleek and elegant while remaining compact and unobtrusive. Plus, you will be given options in materials and colours to best match your décor. INVISA Screen offers six standard powder coated colours finished with matching hardware, over 50 custom colours to match any decor in your home.

Get more use out of your French doors

INVISA Screen offers a fashionable way to allow fresh air into your home without the nuisance of insects and debris, with our retractable screen for French doors. On this model, screens are installed to the hinged side on both doors and held in place with magnets. INVISA Screen also offers door locks which can be inserted above and below the door without obstructing the performance of the retractable screen door.

Enhance your entry doors

The compact design of INVISA Screen retractable screen doors will not interfere with the character of your home entrance. In fact, these designs will compliment your steel, wood or fibreglass entry door. The retractable screen door can be customized for single or double entry doors and is installed on the hinged side of the frame. INVISA Screen’s retractable screen doors open your home to the world out your front entrance and allow for the sounds of your neighbourhood to circulate throughout your home.

Try something difference with tilt-turn doors

INVISA Screen now offers sliding screens for European-styled tilt-turn doors. This model is becoming more popular in North America due to its operational ease. Adding our retractable screen door to the tilt-turn system enhances its usefulness and quality. Tilt-turn doors are common on garden or French doors and can be customized and incorporated to your existing windows.

Home Improvement solutions

Retractable screen doors are becoming the standard in screen doors. Market research indicates that in the next 10 years, retractable screen door systems will be more common than old unsightly screen doors. Their efficiency, quality and versatility are making retractable screens the most popular screen design on the market. By next year, this design is estimated to account for 50 percent of the screen door market worldwide.


INVISA Screen wants to ensure your total satisfaction with our retractable screen doors, so we will work with your ideas for the best solution to your screen door needs. We’ll take our wide variety of screen options and customize them to your needs, adding a personal touch to suit your home. For extra peace of mind, we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty and a service guarantee. Our report card shows that 90 percent of our clients have given positive reviews of their INVISA Screen experience.

INVISA Screen advantage for contractors

If you’re a contractor, INVISA Screen will work together with you to guarantee the experience for your customers.

By co-branding and marketing with us, the value of your product will increase and generate more sales. You’ll be adding a whole new line of products to your existing services and boosting your business substantially. Your customers will have endless options to choose from due to INVISA Screen’s ability to integrate its screens to any door frame or window product, as well as by offering colour, material and mesh options.

You can help your customers enjoy the sounds and smells of the outdoors, while receiving the quiet protection from bugs and UV rays only INVISA Screen can provide.

Extend the living space of the home, or create a whole new space on the patio, gazebo or porch. You can introduce the simple versatility of INVISA Screen’s retractable screen doors while adding to the resale value of your customer’s home.

Customer Satisfaction from INVISA Screen!

One of the main reasons why this product is growing in popularity is its simplicity. These retractable screen doors are better than typical clunky storm door systems, which can draw attention away from the elegant doors you have chosen for your decor. INVISA Screen’s products are subtle both in sight and sound.

Another reason customers enjoy INVISA Screen is because it protects against pesky insects, while still allowing lots of light and air into your home. When you want to relax in the fresh air and sunshine, you can be sure that insects will not be able to penetrate the retractable screen door.

INVISA Screen’s retractable screen doors and retractable screens will allow you to enjoy the sunshine and the outdoors while indulging in the interior comforts of your home. By installing INVISA Screen’s retractable screen door to you patio door, entryway or even your garage, you can enjoy the convenience and charm of indoor and outdoor living.

Finally, INVISA Screen retractable screen doors are Canadian-made. We take pride in supporting local jobs and communities. Our local producers create the highest quality products. When you buy INVISA Screen, we’re confident you’ll receive the best value screens for your home.

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